Moses Appliances in River Forest, IL

Moses Appliances in River Forest, IL

Moses Appliances is a revolutionary line of FDA-cleared dental devices designed to effectively and safely address the persistent issues of snoring and sleep apnea. With their cutting-edge technology, Moses offers an array of innovative solutions such as the Moses Alpha™, Alpha Update™, Moses Elite®, Moses Express™, and Apinator™. These state-of-the-art appliances have been meticulously crafted to provide individuals suffering from these conditions with a renewed sense of relief and comfort during sleep.

Major Features of The Moses Devices 

One of the major features that sets apart the Moses devices for sleep apnea and snoring is their emphasis on providing maximum space for the tongue. The key to achieving optimal airway dilation lies in positioning the tongue forward and against the roof of the mouth, a concept effectively supported by Moses appliances. These devices are designed with only a thin layer of material on the lingual mandibular arch, allowing ample room for the tongue to rest comfortably and facilitating improved airflow during sleep. 


Another noteworthy feature is their promotion of lip seal and nasal breathing, which contribute to overall healthier sleep patterns. The open anterior design of Moses appliances ensures sufficient space for comfortable closure of lips, thereby encouraging nasal breathing while eliminating dry mouth concerns. 

Additionally, these devices prioritize wearer comfort by omitting any mechanisms that lock or restrict jaw movement. As such, wearers can easily open their mouths as needed without inconvenience while still being able to drink or engage in conversation effortlessly while wearing them. Furthermore, Moses appliances incorporate a lip seal function that prevents both dry mouth and drooling issues commonly associated with alternative solutions - all contributing to an enhanced sleeping experience for individuals suffering from sleep apnea or snoring-related problems.

Moses Devices

  • Moses Alpha

Moses Alpha caters specifically to adults aged 18 and above who suffer from an array of sleep-disordered breathing conditions. From the common yet bothersome snoring troubles that disrupt not only one's own slumber but also one's partner's peace to the more severe cases of moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), Moses Alpha stands as an exceptional treatment option.

  • Alpha Update

The Alpha Update is an innovative and tailored solution meticulously designed to address the sleep-disordered breathing conditions that afflict adults over the age of 18. From common issues like snoring to more severe cases of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), this update caters specifically to individuals seeking effective treatment options. Incorporating cutting-edge technology ensures a safe and efficient approach to managing these various breathing concerns during sleep. With its professional tone and extensive research backing, the Alpha Update guarantees a comprehensive experience that prioritizes patient comfort, improved quality of sleep, and ultimately enhanced overall well-being.

  • The Moses

Moses is an innovative solution specifically crafted to address sleep-disordered breathing in adults aged 18 and above, encompassing a wide range of conditions from snoring to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This cutting-edge device maximizes vertical alignment while ensuring the lips remain sealed during use, allowing for optimal comfort and effectiveness. By eliminating any potential obstructions that might impede the tongue's ability to protrude forward and open the airway, Moses encourages nasal breathing and offers a comprehensive therapy approach tailored towards enhancing breathing patterns during sleep. Whether it be alleviating disruptive snoring or managing more severe cases of OSA, this advanced design caters to individuals seeking efficient treatment with simplicity at its core.

  • Moses Elite

Moses Elite specifically addresses sleep-disordered breathing in adults aged 18 and above. Catering to a range of conditions, from snoring to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), this device aims to provide effective treatment for individuals struggling with these issues. Driven by the objective of maximizing space for the tongue within the mouth, Moses Elite offers a unique solution. The recommended bite technique involves opening the mouth as wide as possible while still maintaining a comfortable lip seal, allowing for optimal positioning of the device within the oral cavity. By adopting this technique, users will experience significantly less horizontal protrusion than conventional methods, resulting in an efficient and pleasant treatment experience.

The Moses® Elite, designed specifically for bruxer patients, features the innovative Visiclear base, which boasts both strength and flexibility. This unique design offers an enhanced tongue space, allowing for improved comfort and ease of use. 

  • Moses Express

Moses Express also offers a reliable solution to address the sleep-disordered breathing concerns of adults aged 18 and above. From snoring troubles to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), this exceptional apparatus aims to optimize space for the tongue within the oral cavity. When worn, it encourages your tongue to naturally position itself forward and upward against the roof of your mouth. This strategic placement effectively aids in opening up the airway, allowing for improved airflow during slumber. Notably, Moses Express is also compatible with patients who utilize clear aligners as part of their orthodontic treatment journey – catering comprehensively to diverse needs and ensuring uninterrupted progress towards corrective dental alignment while concurrently addressing sleep-related concerns without compromise.

  • Apinator

The Apinator™, an ingenious solution developed by Dr. Moses, is a cutting-edge dual-layer oral mouthpiece specifically designed for individuals suffering from mild to moderate sleep apnea and snoring. With its innovative design, this device aims to optimize the space available for the tongue while ensuring maximum comfort during use. The recommended bite technique involves opening the mouth as wide as possible without compromising on a comfortable lip seal. Employing this particular technique significantly reduces the horizontal protrusion of the mouthpiece compared to traditional alternatives. This meticulous attention to detail results in an effective and pleasant user experience, providing relief for those struggling with sleep apnea or snoring issues.

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