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If you have a sensitive gag reflex or experience dental anxiety, sleep dentistry can encourage relaxation while undergoing treatment. At Global Facial Aesthetics, Gary Alder, DDS, FAGD, DAAPM, and Irene Skirius, DDS, offer several types of sleep dentistry, including nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral medication. To make an appointment at the practice in River Forest, Illinois, call the office to speak with a friendly staff member or click the online booking tool.

Sleep Dentistry Q&A

What is sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry uses prescription-strength, FDA-approved medication to make oral health care more comfortable and relaxing. 

It won’t necessarily cause you to fall asleep, but it does make you feel groggy. That means you can answer your provider’s questions or follow instructions if necessary.

Who can benefit from sleep dentistry?

Global Facial Aesthetics recommends sleep dentistry to anyone who experiences dental anxiety. You might also benefit if you:

  • Have trouble sitting still for long periods
  • Need to undergo several procedures during one appointment
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Have sensitive teeth

Sleep dentistry is also helpful if you have a low pain tolerance.

What are the types of sleep dentistry?

Global Facial Aesthetics offers two types of sleep dentistry, including:

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

You inhale nitrous oxide through a mask placed over your nose. As soon as the gas enters your system, it causes you to relax and feel happy. Nitrous oxide wears off quickly, so you’re able to drive home after your appointment.

Oral sedation

Oral sedation utilizes prescription drugs like Halcion® to help you relax during dental treatment. An hour before your appointment, you take the medication at home. Afterward, a friend or family member drives you to the office. 

The medication causes you to feel drowsy and relaxed. Because it takes a while to wear off you’ll need someone to pick you up and drive you home.

Is sleep dentistry safe?

Sleep dentistry is safe and usually well-tolerated. If you have an underlying health problem like a congenital heart defect or high blood pressure, let your provider know. These issues won’t prevent you from undergoing sleep dentistry, but they may increase the risk of complications.

Can any dentist perform sleep dentistry?

At Global Facial Aesthetics, the providers on-staff are qualified to administer both nitrous oxide and oral sedation. They don’t offer intravenous (IV) sedation, because in the state of Illinois, that requires a special license.

What is recovery like following sleep dentistry?

Following sleep dentistry, it’s normal to feel tired and somewhat groggy for the remainder of the day. Once you’re home, take the rest of the day off of work, relax, and drink plenty of fluids. You should feel back to normal by the following morning. 

To further explore sleep dentistry, make an appointment at Global Facial Aesthetics by calling the office to speak with a caring member of the administrative staff or clicking the online booking tool.