Transform Your Smile: Tooth Whitening with GLO WHITENING

Transform Your Smile: Tooth Whitening with GLO WHITENING

Few people have naturally white teeth. Time and certain foods dull the color of your teeth.  Common foods can dull tooth enamel, which naturally becomes thinner and more translucent as you get older, revealing more of the yellow dentin layer beneath. 

Restoring whiteness is possible, though it takes more than a simple change in toothpaste or adding an over-the-counter whitening product. Guided Light Optics® is the secret behind GLO Whitening, offered by Dr. Gary Alder and his team at Global Facial Aesthetics in River Forest, Illinois. Act now and you can take advantage of this special offer from GLO Science. 

Why your teeth get stained

There are many reasons why your teeth can stain, including a reaction to some medications or a physical injury to a tooth. The most common reasons, though, are simply time, tobacco use, and the staining effects of certain foods and drinks. 

Though tooth enamel seems solid and impervious, its structure is porous. Blueberries, tomato sauce, and red wine are notorious for their stains, while curries, soy sauce, white wine, and carbonated beverages can also dull your smile. Coffee and tea drinkers likely know of the staining effects of their favorite drinks. 

The advantages of dental office whitening

There are plenty of over-the-counter whitening products, but you can only expect tiny improvements when using them. Consumer products must place a priority on safety, and since some of the bleaches used in whitening kits can be harmful if misused, your pharmacy kit is much less powerful than the products Dr. Alder uses. 

Dental office staff frequently perform whitening procedures, so they’re trained and experienced with office-strength products. The GLO Whitening system adds both heat and light to further activate the power of these bleaches, which is why you can achieve teeth brightness that’s even lighter than your natural tooth color. 

The GLO at-home extension

GLO offers an at-home extension to help keep your smile bright. The team makes custom whitening trays that fit your teeth perfectly.

Using compatible GLO products at home can help extend the life of your in-office treatment. Take additional care with staining substances, such as avoiding certain foods or drinking through a straw, and you can extend your brightest smile for months. 

Everyone’s teeth are different, so discuss your whitening strategies with Dr. Alder for recommendations that will work best for you. Arrange a consultation by contacting Global Facial Aesthetics by phone to learn more about the GLO Whitening program that’s best for you.  

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