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5 Smile Flaws Easily Remedied With Dental Veneers

The most spectacular bright smiles often come from a technique using dental veneers — thin caps that closely resemble natural tooth enamel. Veneers can be customized to shades of white above and beyond what your teeth can achieve, even surpassing the best dental office whitening

Veneers, though, go well beyond simple brightening. They have a range of uses to correct other flaws and are the fastest way to obtain your ultimate smile. Visit our veneers specialists at Global Facial Aesthetics, located in River Forest, Illinois, to find out more about this versatile way to address those less than perfect aspects of your smile. 

Stains and discoloration

Some conditions can dramatically change the color of your teeth to the point where teeth whitening procedures won’t be effective. For example, a tooth can discolor after a root canal or from over-fluoridation. Drugs like tetracycline can leave stains. Furthermore, large fillings may be obvious, even when they’re made from a material that resembles natural enamel. 

Since a veneer covers the entire visible surface of a tooth, these stains and dental flaws can be covered completely. Veneers easily match adjacent natural teeth for a seamless effect. 

Alignment issues

Few people are born with even, well-spaced teeth. The popularity of clear aligners and other straightening methods reveals that. 

However, veneers can step in when your teeth are in reasonable alignment with perhaps a few irregularities that don’t require the time and expense of aligners or orthodontics. Instead of physically moving your teeth, veneers reshape them to correct alignment issues.


When you have a small but noticeable gap between prominent teeth, its visual impact might be unwanted. An offset veneer can close the gap. 

What about uneven tooth lengths? Veneers may be able to fix that as well, adding to the shorter teeth to create an even smile line. 

Chips and damage

Chips, cracks, and damage can seriously weaken a tooth, making it more susceptible to other issues as time passes. A veneer not only improves the appearance of a damaged tooth, but it can add protection and strength as well. 

Tooth wear

If you’ve lived with poor alignment for years, or if wear-and-tear is simply winning the battle, veneers can help by reinforcing places where tooth enamel is worn down. That helps to preserve the integrity of the natural tooth, slowing or stopping the wear that could otherwise lead to future tooth loss. 

The best solution is typically to preserve natural teeth as for long as possible. Dental veneers support, reinforce, and protect your teeth, all while delivering an exceptional cosmetic appearance. 

Dental veneers may be the answer to your smile needs. Contact Global Facial Aesthetics in River Forest, Illinois, to find out how veneers can improve your teeth. Make your appointment by calling the office directly or through the online booking link on this page. 

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