Restoring the Aesthetics of a natural smile is wonderful. We are now able to produce restorations of porcelain or composit resins that emulate the natural dentition. Dr. Alder and Skirius use bonded composit restorations routinely. The results look and feel like natural tooth. Dr. Alder is the local pioneer and early adopter of CAD/CAM porcelain. He and his laboratory technician were part of the very first group of 5 doctors to be trained in the most modern version of Computerize Design/Computerized Manufature CAD/CAM technology in the world. The new porcelains and methods we use to make the restorations have several advantages over previous treatments.

  1. Strength: Emax porcelain far exceeds the strength of previous all porcelain restorations
  2. Esthetics: Empress porcelain and Emax porcelain are manufactured in many shades and are custom colorized to blend with the other teeth
  3. Biocompatibility: there are no metals or mercury in the restorations
  4. Periodontal acceptance: the gum tissue is more healthy than with old porcelain metal crowns or all metal crowns
  5. Bonded restorations: the porcelain is bonded to the tooth rather than cemented. This seals the porcelain to the tooth and eliminates the gap between metal and tooth
  6. We can manufacture with great accuracy and in much less time than old methods with fewer steps where error can be introduced
  7. Smoother surface: the porcelain is of much finer grain and density and can be fired or polished to a glass like surface that caused much less abrasion to natural teeth or other restorations
  8. Better diagnostics: X-rays can pass through the porcelain so any deterioration can be recognized and treated in an early stage whereas metal restorations block out the X-ray and early decay can go undetected
  9. Our on-site laboratory and technician can craft precise and beautiful restorations that encourage the periodontal tissue to be healthy and we do not need to extend the margin of the tooth subgingivally to hide the metal border of old porcelain bonded to metal crowns.

Global Facial Aesthetics is one of the very few offices that offer this high quality restoration and have our own laboratory and technician on site to provide you with the individual attention needed to match your new crown to your other teeth.

Your smile is the focus of facial beauty.