Reconstruction, Recontouring and Rehabilitation

Some patients have lovely teeth but too much of the tooth is covered by the gums and the patient has what is termed a “gummy smile.” This is something many people live with but many others would like to look better. There are a few reasons patients present with excessively visible gum tissue and sometimes it can be correct relatively easily by repositioning the gums to a less conspicuous and more pleasant looking location. This often involves modest recontouring of the bone if it is also excessive.

Some patients develop a serious decrease in the firm bound down tissue around the tooth and are at risk of loss of even more tissue and eventual loss of the tooth. There are a few methods of intervention to reestablish an adequate band of the attached tissue. Moving progenitor tissue from adjacent teeth can be used in some cases. Harvesting progenitor graft from the palate is a common technique. Acquiring connective tissue from the palate that can differentiate into native tissue is another useful method.

Rehabilitation of the gums is critical in the management of moderate to advanced periodontal disease. Infection has set in and more vicious types of bacteria have colonized below the gums. A biofilm has formed and often become calcified making a fortress for these bacteria to flourish and destroy. Surgical intervention to access the fragile ecosystem around the tooth is essential to be able to remove the calcified masses, decrease the number and kinds of bacteria and cleanse the root surfaces such that recolonization with a more friendly type of bacteria can take place. Sometimes bone grafting and other soft tissue techniques described above and elsewhere are employed for optimal outcome.

Life time commitment to excellent home care and periodic follow up treatment with Dr. Alder and his hygienist are imperative to insure the health and beauty of your teeth. Our team is dedicated to helping you attain and maintain the smile you want.

Your smile is the focus of facial beauty.