Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure. It is somewhat of a misnomer since the tooth does not increase in length. Rather the soft tissue and/or bone surrounding the teeth is decrease so that the tooth will appear longer. The primary purpose of this procedure is to allow a proper amount of tooth to be engaged when making a crown or other restoration. There needs to be a biologic width between the bone and the crown in order to have healthy maintainable tissue.

Dr. Alder will sometimes use his LASER to recontour the soft tissue but often an open reflected flap is necessary to properly recontour the bone and soft tissue. Patients that have bleeding problems or are on medications that thin the blood, LASER surgery or orthodontically erupting the tooth may be the preferred method.

Sometimes Dr. Alder will orthodontically erupt a short or broken  tooth rather than surgically remove bone and soft tissue. Sometimes a combination of all of the above is necessary to properly restore the tooth and get the Aesthetic Results we are looking for as well as the best long range prognosis.