Bone Grafting

Regeneration of bone and soft tissue has become a successful and predicable procedure. In the past, treatment of periodontal disease often involved resecting soft tissue and bone but unfortunately many patients did not keep their teeth any longer than if they had more conservative deep cleaning treatment. Periodontal disease is chronic if left untreated and has episodes when significant bone is lost in a short time in response to localize infections.

There are a few choices of type of bone or bone substitutes that are used: Autogenous bone graft (your own bone), Allograft (treated human bone), Xenograft (bone from another species, usually bovine) and Synthetic biocompatible substances,

Presently the “gold standard” is use of your own bone. This means harvesting the bone from on location and transporting it to a 2nd location. We now have sophisticated methods to do this that produce the best results and is Dr. Alder’s preferred method.

Use of processed cadaver bone has shown to be predictable and safe. It is thee most grafted substance in the world. Often Dr. Alder will use a combination of Freeze Dried Demineralized Bone in combination with bone harvested from the patient for optimal results. This works well when there is inadequate bone available from the patient and a little more from cadaver bone will make a sufficient amount.

Situations that require a greater volume of bone will mean the use of cadaver bone or harvesting from the hip or other site out of the mouth. This is done in conjunction with an Orthopedic Doctor and under general anesthesia at the hospital.

Other procedures or components of bone grafting are Collagen Membrane to slow down the repopulation of soft tissue to allow the slower growing natural bone to grow into the graft site. Emdogain, has proteins that stimulate bone growth and is useful in certain situation to help stimulate bone growth in complex areas and especially around teeth.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma is a special concoction derived from the patient’s natural blood and certain parts of the blood are concentrated and combined with the bone for enhanced healing.

Bone grafting is frequently done to preserve the natural teeth and more frequently done to enhance the bone for acceptance of dental implants. We are fortunate to live in the era of such great break throughs.