Orthodontics is the art and science of repositioning teeth. Modern orthodontics is able to reposition the jaws as well and influence the growth pattern of young patients. Adults have stopped growing so we cannot make as much as great a change. We treat patients of all ages and there are many circumstances that can be helped by repositioning a tooth or several teeth. The position of the teeth determines the draping effect of the lips and soft tissue of the face. We can greatly influence the beauty of the face by strategically repositioning the teeth. Teeth must have adequate space to live in to be healthy so often we will need to reposition teeth to improve the health of the gums and enhance the long term prognosis of the teeth.

There are many good reasons to become involved with orthodontic treatment: improve your smile and facial appearance, improve periodontal health, improve function and make it easier to clean and maintain your smile.

There are now a few different types of braces. Some are removable and guide the teeth and jaws into a more favorable relationship. Some are removable and made of clear plastic such that they are almost invisible in the mouth. The traditional braces have been greatly improved such that proper tooth movement is “programmed” into the system for optimal outcomes. The method that would serve you best depends on several variable factors and requires careful study to determine.

Dr. Alder has many years of orthodontic experience and training and utilizes his knowledge of orthodontic studies to help in planning the Aesthetic outcomes for restorative procedures as well as orthodontic treatment. .We invite you to call for an Orthodontic/Aesthetic evaluation.

Your smile is the focus of facial beauty!