Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry became a buzz word several years ago and progressive practices started implementing new materials and technics to embrace the public’s interest in looking better and functioning better. Dr. Alder has embraced cosmetic procedures since their inception and was the very first dentist in Chicago to own a CAD/CAM machine. He now has the most sophisticated and powerful CAD/CAM machine on the market and was one also in the first class in the world to learn and use these current technology. We have our own in house laboratory and highly skilled technician to provide the ultimate cosmetic experience. We use the Empress Porcelain and Emax porcelain as well as light cured composit materials for most of our cosmetic restorative procedures. All of which are bonded to the tooth. There are many advantages to these new materials in addition to the improved cosmetic features such as no metal line at the gingiva and better gingival health.

Dr. Alder introduced Laser Whitening when it first came out and has used several other technics to enhance the natural dentition with bleaching products. We are well versed in the spectrum of whitening products that have evolved in the past several years and find that whitening the teeth back to how they looked 10 or 20 years ago is a relatively inexpensive way to improve the beauty of the teeth. The whitening process along with topical fluoride application by us is a good way to improve the smile, gingival health and and take away some of the effects of age, coffee, tea and other products that stain the teeth.

Dr. Alder makes a distinction between COSMETIC DENTISTRY and AESTHETIC DENTISTRY.  Dr. Alder prefers when possible to enhance the natural beauty of the teeth and face through the strategic use of bleaching and repositioning the natural teeth rather than invasive cosmetic procedures. The costs are much less and the end results are usually far superior. Many times a combination of approaches is necessary and that is where our experience and expertise becomes more valuable.

Dentists are now doing what dentists have been dreaming about for years. Most people can have that beautiful natural looking smile via modern methods, porcelains and materials that are far superior to old therapies of the past. We invite you to accept a Cosmetic/Aesthetic evaluation to determine what modern dentistry can do for you.

Your smile is the focus of facial beauty.