Cleanings & Prevention
Cleanings & Prevention

The old adage of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure heavily applies to dentistry. The great dental problems of tooth decay and periodontal disease are acquired diseases. They come from bacteria and biofilm accumulating on the teeth and in the mouth insufficient numbers and vicious species of organisms that attack our natural bodies. These bacteria and biofilm not only attack our teeth and adjacent soft tissue and bone but also have been identified as ingredients in the lumps (Atherosclerosis) that narrow arteries, cause hypertension, heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases including heart attack and stroke. Dr. Alder is a firm believer in the Inflammatory Model of Disease and is a strong advocate of preventing oral diseases and the comorbidities that frequently accompany dental problems.

Prevention continues to reach new heights and we look forward to introducing new diagnostic services involving BIOMARKERS found in Saliva. Certain types of cancer have decreased but a new type of oral and pharyngeal cancer is on the rise. A careful visual and physical examination and when indicated a salivary diagnostic test will help Americans avoid the devastating effects of oral cancer.

Our dental hygienist are among the most highly educated and skilled practitioners in their field with extensive experience in clinical care and leadership. Evaluating your risk and coaching you on developing excellent skills of taking care of yourself is essential to our goals for each patient. I stated earlier that most dental diseases are acquired so they are also preventable with diligent home care by a skilled healthcare provider (YOU) and periodic help from us.  A clean and health mouth promotes better general health and blocks a significant route of many devastating diseases that are also acquired. We have evidence that once your mouth is in good health and you have developed the skills to control the bacteria and biofilm on a daily basis that you can enjoy great oral health and enhance your general health and avoid many infection related diseases.

We utilize digital imaging to reduce radiation exposure and provide you with ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) excellent diagnostic images that help us diagnose and prevent disease or at least catch it in the early phases.

Preventive care is the least expensive and most effective method to provide you and the general population with a life time of enjoyment and confidence that accompanies a healthy beautiful smile.

Your smile is the focus of facial beauty.